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We do this everyday…but are we paying attention?

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Every day we communicate with our verbal words and body expressions including our eye contact, facial expressions, body movement, gestures, posture, rate, volume and pitch of our voice. There is an expression in Communication that “you can’t not communicate”. Even though you think you are concealing your thoughts, feelings and emotions, your body and voice broadcast them through nonverbal means.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What are you expressing to others when you communicate?
  • What does the internal or external client, potential customer, manager, team, significant other and/or your kids hear or view you saying or doing?
  • Do you roll your eyes or nonverbally condemn that new initiative, process or person?
  • Are you playing the victim and blaming others for things that don’t work out?
  • Are you combative and defensive or collaborative and conciliatory?
  • Do you stick to small talk so you never have to face those underlying issues?

Pay attention to how you are showing up when you are interacting with others. What is your energy level and how engaged in the discussion are you? Start noticing how many times you say the dreaded “um, uh” when you speak while your mind is thinking of the next words to say.

Your communication speaks volumes to those you interact with. Start paying attention to what you are communicating to those around you. Be aware of your voice and body so you can command the interaction and not let it command you. Make your discussions purposeful and thoughtful. Pause a couple seconds before you speak to collect your thoughts into a logical, succinct and meaningful statement. These simple steps can help you become an effective communicator one word at a time!

Your words permeate your world!