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The Practice of Gratitude

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Thanksgiving in America is our “official” day to give thanks, stemming from the original settlers and the Native American Indians who helped them and provided crops, food, education and friendship. Every year we gather with family and friends and celebrate our bounty and blessings of the year in the tradition of our forefathers. We shop, we cook, we bake, we eat, we drink, we toast, we travel distances near and far to be together for this American holiday. And how often in this grand celebration do we remember to be thankful for the bounty we are to enjoy?

Every year when our family gets together for Thanksgiving my sister has instituted a tradition that we go around the table and say one thing we are grateful for in our lives, young and old alike. This one simple act has shifted our gathering over the years and reminds us to be aware of all that we are blessed to enjoy and partake of. Just like the Pilgrims before us we are reminded to celebrate our relationships and all they bring to our lives, good and bad. We are also reminded of the abundance in our lives and the freedom we experience in America.

Thanksgiving serves as a good reminder and giving thanks is something we can practice on a daily basis. This practice is a powerful way to cultivate gratitude and acknowledge all the blessings that are in your life. I invite you to  write down in a journal or notebook five things a day that you are grateful for, and see what comes up for you. This practice can have a cumulative effect and over time you will be amazed at the pages you have written and notice a shift in your thinking that you are looking for items in your life to be grateful for. I promise you have nothing to lose by trying this practice and everything to gain.

Happy Thanksgiving and I wish you a wonderful celebration with family and friends and the recognition of all the abundance that we are privileged to experience.


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