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Taking Steps Forward

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How many of you have witnessed a baby taking its first steps? It is absolutely thrilling to see and everyone who is watching cheers in delight, no matter how wobbly those steps are. It is a right of passage for a baby to be able to step forward and stand on their own two legs and certainly most parents commerate the day as a milestone in the life of their child. What about us as adults, how often do we commemorate our first steps?

Many of us are taking brand new steps forward, whether we are starting a new business, learning something new, or creating our first speech, first steps are essential to moving us forward. Yet how often do we even acknowledge that something new is happening for us or see that just to take that first step is a step in the right direction, moving us toward a larger goal. How often are we also wobbly in our first steps, not knowing the direction is correct or that the step will yield us the right result, yet sometimes just taking that first step unleashes our momentum to keep stepping and moving us little by little in a forward direction.

Other times we get stuck in overwhelm or fear, paralyzed to even take a step or clear our thoughts long enough to identify a first step. Often times our fears keep us stuck and unable to move forward. We know deadlines are looming yet we can’t seem to clear the fog out of our head to know where to even begin or identify what a first step would be. This is where coaching can help you to clear the fog, gain clarity and actually take that first step forward.

So whether you are writing a presentation,applying a new process or starting a business write down what is necessary in order to begin the process. Is it doing research, finding out who will be in the audience, understanding what the new process entails or one thing you can do to begin your marketing? Sometimes it helps to write it down so you can see it before you and prioritize what you need to do to start.  Remember Rome was not built in a day so you may need to begin slowly and start with that first step. Often once you identify and take the first step, no matter how wobbly, the next steps will come quicker and pretty soon you will be off and moving at a faster pace toward your desired results. And hopefully others and yourself will be there to cheer you on!

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