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Sweet Words Equals Tasty Results

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Make your words sweet in case you have to eat them!

Words make up our world, our perspective, our reality. We think in words, talk in words, and dream in words. Words have different meanings for different people, which can depend on our age, gender, location, experience, education, culture, religion, etc. Because of this it is important to realize that words are not neutral….they are laden with meaning and emotion.

Therefore it is important to be conscious of the words you speak. Do they tear apart or build up, alienate or include, separate or unite, motivate or provoke? Words have power and we need to be aware of what we say as we may have to eat our words later!

Words also convey our perspective of reacting to our life or creating it. How often have you said “I have to” when really the truth was “I am not willing to” or “I am not choosing to”? Often we package our words as if we have no choice in life, as if we are buffeted about by people or circumstances and we are victims to these.

I invite you to start noticing your words, what you say and how you say it. If we can make conscious choices we can take our power back by being responsible for the words we speak and our communication with others. Notice how you can use words to create the life you desire, one that provides choice and affirms your authenticity… use words to create your world, your future, your talents.

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“Make your words sweet in case you have to eat them”.