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Sing Your Song

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Have you ever awoken to the sounds of birds singing? What forces are stirred in a bird to burst out in song when a new day arises? It is in the birds nature to put forth their song and declare their existence, to validate and verify their aliveness in this world. We too have a song within us, we too need to bring forth our creative expression into this world to validate and verify our aliveness, our contribution and reason for being on this planet at this point in existence.

Just as birds sing different songs, so it is that each of us has a unique contribution to give to the world, one that only we can uncover and put forth into expression. While some may know from a young age, others struggle to find what their song is. For many of us it is a journey of exploration and discovery to unearth our purpose and sing our song.

Some simple steps to help begin the process of discovery include:

  1. Write down 12 things that you love to do, are good at, or you have natural talent in.
  2. Thenwrite down 20 things you want to accomplish in this life.

In reflecting on the answers to the two questions above, do you see a pattern or areas that you are naturally drawn to? Can you begin to write a statement including your unique personal qualitites and ways you enjoy expressing these qualitites for the good of all concerned?

Your purpose statement can change and develop over time. Being able to know and express your purpose can bring a new dimension to your life and keep you focused on a direction that you are passionate about taking. Just like the birds who awaken every day and burst into song that a new day has dawned, we too can sing our song, our unique contribution to enrich and enliven our life and the lives of those we touch.