Evolve Your Coaching Skills by Speaking Up

Shout it Out - StockExchange - 1762608Coaches have a unique client acquisition process and speaking can increase your exposure to potential clients. Learn from a public speaking master everything you need to write and deliver a presentation that will captivate and motivate your audience to the benefits and services coaching can provide. Speak publicly with confidence and harness your energy to create dynamic and productive public speaking engagements to build and fortify your coaching practice through one of my public speaking workshops. Four one hour classes with a one-one-one coaching session.

Developing Your Public Speaking Capacity

As professionals we are called upon to present ideas, products, projects, information and knowledge in a variety of settings and channels of communication. This course covers how to create content, dynamic delivery, incorporate technology and transform your anxiety within five sessions. Coaching in a one-on-one session can be added for all participants for an additional fee.

Presentation Skills for IT and Technical Professionals

This five week course is designed to develop critical speaking skills for technical and nontechnical audiences. Create content that is audience centered and deliver your message with clarity, charisma and confidence. Learn how to deliver information in terms that your audience can understand and relate to. Coaching in a one-on-one session can be added for all participants for an additional fee.

Facilitating Effective Meetings

Tired of spending valuable time in meetings where nothing is accomplished? Do you spend a majority of your working life running from one meeting to another and wondering how you will ever catch up on all the email and work that is accumulating? This three hour class can liberate you from running ineffective meetings and save you hours each week. Learn how to facilitate meetings to actually accomplish results within a minimal time frame.