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PowerPoint Guidelines

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Here are some PowerPoint guidelines to help as you create slides for your presentations.

1.  Use slides to reinforce your message, they are not the main attraction–You are!

2.  Have your presentation organized with a beginning, middle and conclusion.

3.  Keep the template, backgrounds, font size, font type, font color, bullets, transitions, etc. consistent from slide to slide, header to header.

4.  Make sure you use contrasting colors for your font and background for readability, if you are not using an existing template.

5.  Transitions and animations need to be used appropriately throughout the slides depending on your audience. Don’t over due it!

6.  Include the least possible text on every slide. Max on any slide: 5 by 5 rule – 5 bullets with 5 words in each bullet.

7.  No more than 1 slide per minute, your entire presentation does not need to be written on slides.

8.  If you are using video or audio clips keep it short and to the point you are making with the clip.

9.  When using tables, graphs, or charts explain what they mean. Tell your audience the significance and impact of the graph and how it relates back to your point. You may understand it but the audience may not get it unless you unpack it for them.

10.  Remember the old adage: KISS – Keep it Simple! Keep text, pictures, clip art, animation simple but impactful.

11. Practice a few times with the slides and know when you need to move from one slide to the next.

12. Make sure your set up for computer and projector are compatible and do a check before the event to make sure Murphy’s Law doesn’t get you! Always have a backup plan just in case technology fails!

These may seem like common sense but I can’t tell you how often in business I see presentations that violate these simple rules. If you follow these you will be able to present your information effectively and with a professional flair!

Don’t let your slide show deliver the message for you – it is there to reinforce what you have to say….you are the main attraction!

Your words permeate your world!