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Are You Paying Too High a Price?

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Have you ever had a friend or loved one come out of the closet? Have you ever stopped and thought about how long they were denying or suppressing a part of themselves before they came out? Recently I had a loved one make this announcement and it made me wonder how many years they had known but were too afraid to let others know. How long do we doubt or second guess ourselves, not wanting to face a realization of who we truly are?

Why this is one situation we may be familiar with, think of the millions of people who hide or deny a part of themselves because it is too uncomfortable to look at or uncover. We all have parts of our personality, our ego, our bodies, or our experiences that we don’t like to talk about or don’t acknowledge even exist. But what is the price for hiding this aspect of ourselves? Who are we fooling anyway? Are we the last one to admit to ourselves, what everyone else can already see?

It could be that we always wanted to be an artist, but were told that we couldn’t make a living doing art and we would starve on the streets. Or maybe it was an actor or a writer or a FBI agent or a teacher or a professional athlete and we were told we weren’t good in math or science or analysis or running or whatever. Instead we believed what some well-meaning teacher or parent or coach told us and stuffed our desires away, doubting we could ever be that anyway. What price are we paying for this?

Our talents and abilities have been given to us for a reason and if we deny their existence they will never be expressed. Not only will we lose, but everyone else will lose out too. Yet how many of us have taken the time to consider the strengths, talents and purpose we are here to fulfill? The time we spend uncovering these aspects of our self help us to become more aligned and happy human beings. Being able to integrate and leverage your talents into your everyday world of career and home can bring even more passion and joy to your life. Uncovering your authentic self requires patience and listening, but it pays huge dividends in your life.

How we show up everyday matters to us and those we live with and encounter every day. Only we can choose to help ourselves create fulfilling and joyous lives, being able to make a contribution to whatever we do. We can discover this through working with a coach, writing, meditation, journaling, writing a purpose statement, or by reading a book like Success Principles by Jack Canfield. It is never too late to come out of the closet and start living and expressing your authentic self!

This is not a dress rehearsal. Live life fully. Engage your talent!

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