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New Years Resolutions Don’t Work!!

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Admit it how many times have you started the New Year making those resolutions, only a month later to have abandoned them! Yeah I know things start out well and you’re sure things are going to be different this time. You tell yourself this year I will succeed, I can feel it!

You make an effort the first few weeks to accomplish those resolutions, but then slowly things creep up that bring up those wonderful excuses like: “Just this once I am going to take a day off and do _____ (fill in the blank)”, or “I don’t have time this week but I will pick it up again next week” or the best, “This is hard and I am not seeing any improvement in 2 weeks so why bother!!” Rarely do we actually stick with something long enough to see the results that could happen. If it took us years to get to our current state, chances are we will not change something in 2 or 3 weeks. Remember it takes 21 days to create a new habit!

 So how could we make this year different? What does it take to actually be successful at accomplishing those resolutions?

 Here are 6 tips to put into practice that can help you do it and continue to master those new habits months later. With some self-discipline, motivation and pure commitment you can do anything you put your mind to!

 1. Make a declaration!

Write down what your New Year’s goals are and place them somewhere where you can see them every day. Put them on your phone or on a 3×5 card and read or listen to them at night before you go to bed and in the morning when you wake up…Everyday!

Tell those you live with what your resolutions are and ask for their support to keep you motivated and on track.

 2. Get a coach or accountability partner and check in weekly.

Nothing motivates more than knowing you will be responsible for your actions to someone else. Coaches are excellent at this and are worth the money to keep you moving forward and accomplishing your dreams faster than you ever imagined.

Make specific weekly check in times to keep your goal on target or brainstorm how to get over and around obstacles.

 3. Stay committed!

Commit to the goal and use the SMART goal setting technique for writing the resolution that includes: make it specific, figure out how you will measure it to know you have accomplished the goal, make sure you can achieve it and that it is a realistic thing you can do given your resources and time, and lastly give yourself a date as to when you want to accomplish it, making it time bound.

Remind yourself often of the commitment you made to yourself and create an affirmation or mantra to say when the going gets tough. If it was easy you would have already done it right? Help yourself through the tough moments and things will get easier over time.

 4. Visualize yourself already having accomplished your resolution.

Try visualizing in your mind’s eye the state of being you will be in when you have accomplished this resolution. What emotions will you feel? What will you look like? Fill in all the details in your mind of what things will look like and how you will feel. Then remember these mental pictures and feelings when you are saying your goals before bed and in the morning.

See it and feel it and keep visualizing your success.

 5. Create a measuring device that you can cross off to show your progress and if possible, get a picture or visual of what you are aiming for and put both of these somewhere where you will see them daily.

Make some kind of measurement device, like a calendar, poster, gauge or picture that will help you visually see the tangible results you are getting and what you are working towards. Every day you make progress toward your goal make some kind of visual mark to indicate your success that day. They will start adding up and give you more momentum, knowing you can do this! If you don’t make progress one day, you will visually see that you have made progress before and can do it again tomorrow.

 6. Lastly, reward yourself!

Think of what reward you will get by making this effort and sticking to your commitment.

The goal itself maybe your reward, but in other cases it may require a little something extra. Plan a reward for yourself for mastering the goal or habit and then give yourself the pomp and circumstance for achieving it!

Sometimes a small but meaningful reward looming in the future can help keep you on track during the not so easy times.

 This New Year’s can be different for you, but only you can make the choice to stick with your resolutions or fail again. You are a powerful and creative person so what will you create for yourself this year? As Napoleon Hill, the author of Think and Grow Rich said, “Anything the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

So believe in yourself this year and take it one day at a time to accomplish those resolutions!

 I wish each of you a healthy and joyously abundant 2014!

This is not a dress rehearsal. Live life fully and engage your talent!

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