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Memorable Speech

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Sky diving without a parachute and giving a speech from memory and not from notes share similar threats; total disaster for instance. However, this is actually an excellent way to speak if:

  1. One has a verifiable talent for it
  2. Other people agree you have a talent for it
  3. One relates well to live audiences and like to think on ones feet
  4. One has given the same speech many times in the past
  5. The occasion is so informal that one knows lapses will be forgiven

A Rambler is a Car

When ones audience is aware one is speaking live, with no teleprompter, with no notes, that audience may begin to experience some measure of apprehension as to where the speaker going with the topic and how long it will take the speaker to get there.  Ones knowledge of the subject matter is imperative for an impromptu, off the cuff oration. One’s audience will be more conscious of inaccuracies.

Give a Little ~ Save a Little

One should not blab on and on, letting ones brain completely empty in the process. Saving a little for the question/answer period can be more than a good idea. Ones audience will be aware that one has more to offer and will be excited to learn more.

Is your Data Backed Up?

One should be prepared for anything and therefore have well organized notes at the ready. If ones brain suddenly slips out of gear, a backup plan will be ready.