Law of Being

Master Mind Group Ideas - StockExchange 1762608The Law of Being is a group of like-minded people coming together to learn to fully engage in life, in your career and personal life. Mastermind Group is about getting to the core of change so that you can tap into the true potential of who you are and bring that into your daily living. It does that by helping to raise your awareness to a new level so that you can enjoy more satisfaction in every aspect of your life. By looking at how you are currently showing up in your life you can consciously choose to identify and define what it is you want to develop and begin manifesting what that is. This is a system of becoming who you are and knowing why you are here, which helps you live to your potential and share that with others. This system was developed by Bruce Schneider, founder of iPEC Coaching.

Mastermind groups meet once every three weeks for one hour. New groups are currently forming call (805) 453-1642 or email [email protected] for pricing.

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The Mastermind Group

This mastermind group will help you to:

  • Break through internal blocks to high-conscious thinking
  • Make conscious choices based on the present, not the past
  • Shift your thinking, emotions, and actions
  • Create a supportive network to build and communicate new ways of thinking and acting

Energy Leadership Development System

Becoming the Ideal Leader

Once you have taken the Energy Leadership Index and learned where your levels are this gives you an opportunity to take the next step and start developing your leadership capacity. The system will be customized for each participant based on your Index scores and will create a personalized development roadmap to quickly progress you toward becoming the Ideal Leader.

This system will help you identify your strengths and gaps to achieve your ideal image and learn the 7 levels of leadership. Next we will provide accelerated training to master the areas necessary for any leader including:

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Dynamic communication
  • Influencing and engaging others
  • Problem solving
  • Productivity and decision making
  • High energy relationships
  • Health & wellness
  • Time management and balance

Learn the secrets of the most successful leaders who truly enjoy what they do. This system was created by Bruce Schneider who founded iPEC Coaching.

The result of Energy Leadership? More production, less effort, with more fulfillment!

Now to Wow!

This mastermind group is all about exploring and discovering your life purpose, creating a clear vision in multiple areas of your life and then building goals around your vision and purpose. Find out what unique contribution you have to give and develop channels to provide this to others and multiply your satisfaction and value in the process. This group will keep you engaged and on track to developing the life of your dreams, one step at a time.

We will meet for 6 sessions over a four month period to create, maintain and sustain your momentum to creating your ideal life. Cost is $150 per 6 sessions.