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Leadership Communication

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An interesting article related to leadership communication is worth a share. This was posted @ASTD Training – the Buzz: Training News From Around the World on 03/24/2014. Leadership and (a Lack of) Communication Forbes, 03/13/14, Hedges, Kristi  The vast majority of complaints HR departments receive can be traced to one common factor: – miscommunication. Indeed, the need for those in leadership roles to develop strong communication skills remains an issue in many of today’s workplaces, yet communication skills (or a lack thereof) remain one of the most pressing issues in workplaces across the country and the globe.

Leadership Communication for Effectiveness

Unfortunately, one of the main causes for poor communication is that sometimes leaders with poor communication skills do not believe communication is an important skill to cultivate. They may approve of professional development programs to promote these skills in their employees, but many leaders don’t make increasing the effectiveness of their own communication a personal priority. Nevertheless, those who downplay communication’s importance may pay for that oversight. A leader’s lack of skill in this area doesn’t just cause an occasional headache, it can have very real, very expensive, consequences related to employee turnover, plummeting morale, and declining corporate potential.