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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Thanksgiving is a time for reflection and being conscious of all the blessings we have in our life. In our everyday lives we have so much to do and be responsible for that we often lose sight of how much we have to be grateful for: the people that enrich our earthly experience, laughing with a friend, the wind whistling through the trees, the birds singing, our health and well-being, families love and support, the assets we hold, the job we have, the car we drive and place we live.

Practicing gratitude is such a powerful practice and research supports this theory. Did you know that those who practice gratitude every day experience 25% more happiness in their lives than those who don’t? Being thankful only takes a second and it provides substantial benefits to our mind, body and spirit.

So as you are preparing the feast or driving to a loved one’s house on Thanksgiving take a moment to reflect on all the things in your life that make it worth living! It can enhance your experience by providing a new level of appreciation for those often unnoticed gestures. It can give you a new attitude about life looking for the good in people and situations instead of complaining about things.

I wish for you this Thanksgiving a wonderful time with family and friends celebrating life and the relationships that bring joy and satisfaction to your world. Thank you so much for your support and reader comments that bring joy to my world!

Happy Thanksgiving from coach2speak!

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