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Guidelines for Presenting

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Are you getting ready to achieve success with your next presentation? Giving an effective speech requires planning, organizing, researching and practicing. By breaking the process down into manageable steps it can be easier to begin while also eliminating the overwhelm that many feel when taking on this kind of project. This blog will start with the first step in the process and continue on in the next few blogs.

The number one place to start is by noticing what you say in your everyday speaking. Are your conversations full of “um, uh, hmm, okay, etc.”? Pay attention to your words and what you do when you are formulating your next idea before it gets articulated in the interaction. Do you pause with silence, do you create your next statement without listening to what the speaker is saying, do you pause with one of the dreaded “um, uh, hmm” until you can put your thoughts into words. Focus on your speech in casual and professional settings and work to eliminate these vocalized pauses from your dialogue. This will help you become aware of how you speak and how you may sound to others. Start today to trim these unwanted and unprofessional words from your vocabulary. The benefit of starting is that if you focus now you will be far ahead of others when it is time to give your presentation, as these words will not be as likely to unconsciously appear in your speech if you are anxious.

Be ready to be surprised at how often these exit your mouth without your even being aware of saying them. Awareness is the first step in producing change and improving your presentation!

The next blog I will continue on with the next step for producing an effective, dynamic and successful speech.

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