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Do You See What I See

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 We have all heard this seasonal song about the shepherd boy in search of the star that will lead him to the baby Jesus goodness and light. While I find the song to be beautiful for the season, how often are you able to actually see, hear, and experience the perceptions of others?

 This is an especially crazy time of year as there seem to be so many activities that require our attention and time, we often get swept away on an ebbing tide of shopping, cooking, decorating, wrapping, attending events, working, etc., etc. Then the stress and overwhelm kick in because we are trying to “fit in” all these things that the season implores and our patience gets left behind in the previous month. And usually during this month we lack the time or inclination to even begin to see, hear or experience the voices of others that are demanding our attention. So what can we do to begin this process of looking through the eyes and ears of others as the song implies, or take a moment to experience the magic of the season, or look at life with the innocence of a child? 

“Do you see what I see?

Do you hear what I hear?

Do you know what I know?”

The first thing is to STOP, take five minutes and just be. Look at what is around you, notice what you are feeling, notice if you are stressed or tired, calm or peaceful. What is your body telling you? Catch your breath and allow yourself one quiet moment to drink in the life that is around you. See if you can experiment and do this every day for only five minutes….it can change your perspective and allow you to practice the next suggestion.

While in this mindset stop and actually listen to what others are saying to you. Focus on them, their tone of voice, their body language and the message they are imparting to you without any thought of how you will respond. Just LISTEN and be open to what they are saying. For one moment pretend that this is the only moment in time and be present to what is unfolding.

Before we know it the season will be over, the packages ripped open, the feasts consumed, the seasonal songs silenced and we will be right back where we started with a few more pounds added….or will we?

Consider these questions:

  • Can we focus on the present moment and enjoy the life we are living moment by moment? What stops us from doing so?
  • Can we set and experience a new intention for the upcoming year that allows us to see, hear and experience those we are interacting with?
  • Can we start enjoying the journey instead of only allowing ourselves to be satisfied when we reach our destination?

Could it be possible that we can bring some goodness and light into ours and others lives during this busy holiday season and beyond?

Happy holidays! Enjoy the gifts of the season, one conversation at a time!