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Public Speaking photodune-11537419-business-conference-xsSeven out of ten American’s are more afraid to speak in public than go through divorce, bankruptcy or even death! So if you thought you were alone in this public speaking challenge breathe a sigh of relief as there are many others with you. The dilemma is this fear of public speaking could be holding you back from achieving greater levels of success; it could even be derailing your career.

  • Do you say the wrong things at the wrong time to the wrong person with the wrong results?
  • How many high profile projects at work have you avoided because you knew you would have to present the status and information to leadership?
  • How many meetings have you been in where you haven’t spoken up about the risks, or given pertinent information because you didn’t want to sound stupid or fumble your words?
  • Tired of being paralyzed because you don’t know which step to take first in building your presentation
  • Are you letting fear overwhelm you because you don’t want to let others down?
  • Does speaking make you appear emotionally unintelligent in your interactions with others?
  • Is your fear of public speaking and presenting relevant information holding you back from advancement in your job?

If you are ready to confront your fear, accelerate your career and become the dynamic, confident communicator you know you are capable of contact coach2speak
right now. Coaching is a process that can facilitate your development, calm your fears and create sustainable results in your life.

Public Speaking Coach

Karen is a public speaking trainer and presentation coach who is passionate about developing your potential as a communicator. She is a master trainer and speaker with extensive experience, knowledge and education in creating and delivering presentations to a variety of audiences. Her unique six step process can take your speaking skills from misery to mastery.

Working with coach2speak can help you:

  • Speak with confidence in a clear, compelling and captivating manner
  • Harness and redirect your anxiety to be a vibrant and dynamic speaker
  • Master the presentation from content to delivery
  • Engage and satisfy your audience
  • Deliver feedback to produce desired results
  • Become a versatile and competent communicator
  • Allow your voice to be heard and respected
  • Develop and communicate with emotional intelligence